Thanks to the internet, you could now run your business 24/7 and information of your products and services is available around the clock. Together with our expertise, you can build your online shop right away, hassle-free!

E-commerce Solution is ONLY A ONE-TIME FEE (no more monthly fees!), you can take advantage of our comprehensive e-commerce solution which includes:

  • e-shop outlook design
  • comprehensive shopping program with shopping cart
  • web based control panel for administration
  • product and category management
  • customer management functions
  • can support English and Traditional Chinese interface 
  • payment functions
  • PayPal gateway services for receiving payment online
  • PayPal accepts 18 currencies and RMB

Successful Customers:
1. I Want It
2. Swiss Kiss Lab 
3. BQ Shop 
4. DCKina
5. Cafe Anytime 
6. Amiz Aromatherapy