ICE Pacific offers Online Marketing Solutions through Yahoo! and Google Search Marketing. By using content match and sponsored links, Yahoo! and Google can match your website to a user's search criteria and display your sponsored link prominently. This is an effective marketing compared to traditional print, radio and TV ads. You can reach your target customers and collect customer's feedback around the world, thus expand your exposure to larger markets.

Increase brand awareness – Yahoo! and Google are the hottest search engines worldwide. Most of the internet users use them to search for information every single day, also set them as their home page or install their tool bars. Therefore they are the best channel to promote your website.

Pay clicks – You pay for the clicks only. There is no charge for displaying your message that is not clicked through. Also we provide guaranteed click rates to ensure the marketing purpose is achieved.

Extremely targeted and cost-effective promotion – Users type in their search criteria, which mean they search for you actively. In this way, you can be sure you pay only for the promotion that reaches exactly your target audience.

Professional advice on keywords – With our expertise in search engine marketing, we can provide valuable advices on how to compile the keywords that can maximize your marketing effectiveness.